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The Full Story

Liel Bar-Z is a dedicated and hardworking singer-songwriter known for her authentic and heartfelt music. Hailing from Israel, Liel has made a significant impact on the global music scene by collaborating with artists from all corners of the world. Her organic approach to music creation has resonated with audiences, earning her over 220K followers on TikTok and millions of streams online.Liel’s journey began on AirGigs, a platform where professionals hire musicians to add tracks to their songs. Through her talent and dedication, she quickly gained recognition and started working on projects worldwide, recording vocals for hundreds of songs. Her unique voice and artistic flair have made her a sought-after collaborator.


Who is Liel Bar-Z


As a mother to her wonderful son, Dylan, she balances her professional achievements with her personal life and many hobbies, bringing a warm and relatable touch to her work.


Currently, Liel is collaborating with various labels, writing songs and lending her voice to numerous commercial projects as an influencer.

Despite her success, Liel remains humble and grateful for the opportunities to connect with people through her music. Her journey is a testament to her passion, kindness, and professionalism, a happy addition to the online music scene.

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