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Helicopter mechanic, pole enthusiast, fire juggler, creator of a nonprofit organization …

These are just a few of the many crazy things Liel has done. Music, however, was always at the forefront.

 As an aspiring producer, actor and experienced singer-songwriter, Liel’s unique vocal and songwriting abilities have paved the way for her to work with a community of talented artists across the globe. 


From Liel:

Music has always been the inspiration for everything that I do.

For the longest time, I was sure I could never make it in the music industry. Nothing to do with how talented I am, and not because I didn't have people who believed in me- it was because I had no idea how to get started. 

Once I took the first step, everything changed for me. Though I've made many mistakes, I started getting regular gigs, writing songs for companies, artists and documentaries- and all within my first year! 

The end goal? to create a home base for Israeli singers to succeed worldwide.

Click here to hear some of Liels work!


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