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Vocals for Kygo Masterclass

Liel's vocals are featured on Kygo's online production course. Kygo is a world class producer and the fastest musician to reach 1 Billion streams on Spotify, 


Blue Zone

Liel is working with an investor and Chaim Shemesh, a team working towards promotion and artist growth. currently working on an EP to be released soon! 

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Label Work for Sync placement 

Liel works with labels all over the world, working towards sync placement in television, promos and more.

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Melody Project

Liel takes your poems and turns them with the help of her team into a full production!



Parachute is an original song that went viral, with over 3 million streams on Spotify for the acapella version.

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A top rated artist on Airgigs, Liel is regularly providing vocals to incredible projects. Click here to get her vocals on your project! 

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