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"Third song I've given Liel - and each time I consistently get a quality of vocal performance that knocks me off my chair! This time we went for both Lead + BGV & harmonies, and the resulting files she gave me back were staggering in quality. She even provided me some tips on best means to mix the harmony tracks - wow! I think someone else here reviewed her work with the statement "her vocals were the best part of my song". Ditto. Well done Liel - well done!!! You're the BEST!"

"Wonderful experience working with this vocalist. You will be very happy with the results if you choose her for your project."

"Always a pleasure working with Liel - she is professional, a great vocalist and very responsive. Thank you!"

"Liel was wonderful to work with. She was quick with responses, patient and professional. 
Most importantly - her voice is beautiful: Soft/ Strong/ Unique. She brought my song to an entirely new level and everyone who hears it asks: Who is that lovely singer ? 
I plan on using Liel again for many more songs."

"Liel is amazing. Extremely talented and exceptionally easy to work with. She took a very challenging request and delivered better than expected. I would highly recommend working with her."

"Beautiful voice, very fast and effective and takes on board information well!"

"Liel has proven her incredible talents extend way beyond performing great vocal tracks - when artistic preferences come into play and the first cut wasn't exactly what I was aiming for, Liel stepped in like the pro she is, and made immediate adjustments to the key, redid the track completely, and sent it back all while I was still sitting here wondering how was I going to fix a problem I created! Liel is just amazing!"

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